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If you’re an ambitious accountant actively looking to grow your firm, your website should have one primary objective – To Generate Enquiries.
Unfortunately 99% of accountant’s websites aren’t set up to achieve this. Therefore results are almost always poor. The reality is that your website was set up to achieve one or more of the following…

  1. To look good
  2. To impress visitors
  3. To give visitors useful information (tax calculators, etc.)
  4. To make it easier for people to contact the firm
  5. To impress competitors

Notice none of these things focus on the most important reason for having a website – to help you get more good quality clients.

Proven formula for Accountants

This is not an art.  “It’s a science.

There is a Proven Formula for creating an Accountancy Website that sells. A website that generates a constant stream of enquiries.
A website that runs on autopilot.

In a couple of weeks, I’m running a live webinar to show you exactly how to do it. You definitely won’t want to miss it. Details will follow soon.


Last year we conducted what was arguably the largest ever research study into accountants websites. In fact we surveyed over 5,000 of them! There were a couple of reasons for this (no it’s not because we’re masochists, although after going through this exercise I think we were!)…

First, we wanted to make sure we weren’t missing anything that would of course be of benefit to our members.

Second, we wanted to analyze each in terms of their ability to ‘SELL’. In other words, which sites actually moved the visitor to really want to arrange a meeting with the firm.

Not surprisingly none of the sites were doing anything special.

But perhaps more alarmingly, not one (that’s zero) of the sites were actually set up to act as a sales funnel and drive visitors into requesting a meeting. The results were fascinating and as a result we embarked on a crusade to create ‘The most effective website for accountants ever created ‘.

This involved literally hundreds of tests across a number of different variables. Some of the results were expected.

But a number of tests shocked us to the core. A few were quite frankly astonishing.

The outcome is ‘The Website Success Formula For Accountants’.

We’re currently putting together the material for a 75 minute (approx) live webinar to explain all about it and what you can do to get results for your own firm.

It should be ready within the next couple of weeks.

We’ll keep you posted.


The quality of the communication between your firm and your clients is central to the success of your business. So why not introduce something that used to be standard business etiquette but has now dropped out of common practice…


Follow up at every opportunity. Few firms do this so it will really make you stand out. Not only does it reassure the client of the quality of care that you are extending to them but it helps avoid the confusion and delays that always cost you money.


Word of Mouth advertising happens when one of your customers or friends mentions your small business in a casual conversation.


A referral system is a methodical process that you have
put in place to capture qualified prospects through your association with other people. A “system” is a “process that produces predictable results”.

Your business needs word of mouth advertising but don’t mistake that with developing a methodical system for referral prospecting.

Convert More Enquiries Into Clients!

This 2 Minute White Paper shows you how having a sales conversion system built into your business can transform your growth from a stop-start affair into an accelerating juggernaut! As you can see, ‘Sales Conversion’ is the third Practice Multiplier…

Many business owners (including accountants) spend a considerable amount of time energy and money to generate enquiries. However, there’s little point  having a brilliant enquiry generation system, using [click to continue…]

Generating More Enquiries From Your Marketing…

This White Paper explains how you can use general marketing approaches to get an avalanche of enquiries from potential clients.

As you can see, ‘General Marketing’ is the second Practice Multiplier…

“But Marketing Doesn’t Work”

In White Paper No. 2 I pointed out that only 7% of new clients come from non referral sources (General marketing), which means there is much more business to be gained by proactively targeting the right businesses using proven non referral techniques.

If you could generate the same amount (or more) of clients using general marketing techniques as you do with referral techniques – this would have a huge impact on your practice.

So why is it that accountants shy away from using general marketing methods? We’ve discovered a few reasons… [click to continue…]

How To Put Your Referrals On Auto-Pilot…

This White Paper explains why you need a referral system and how to implement an effective one.

As you can see, ‘Referral’ is the first Practice Multiplier… [click to continue…]

What’s Your Reception Got To Do With Marketing!?

Did you know you can spot a firm of accountants that ‘get’ it’ just by walking through their front door?

We visit over 50 firms every month. Very few pay attention to their reception area and what should be in it and what should be ‘out’.

Think about it from a potential client’s perspective…

Although there are a number of other ‘Moments Of Truth’
before they visit you for that first meeting, when they
walk through your front door, they will consciously and
sub-consciously be making judgments about you and your
firm even before they meet with you. These judgments
play a part in their decision-making process.

Do you really think they want to read the latest issue
of ‘Accountancy’ or flick through your latest budget
summary? In actual fact you shouldn’t be thinking at
all about what ‘they’ want to see or read.

You have to take a different view.

You have to ask yourself – what can I put in my
reception area that is going to help me get the sale?
That’s it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

How To Grow Your Accountancy Firm…

In the last whitepaper “Why Accountancy Firms STOP Growing” we learnt that the three key components of any firm are…

1. Process: What the firm does to earn fees.

2. Marketing: How the firm wins and retains the right clients and maximises fee income from existing clients.

3. Management: How the firm operates to generate maximum profit and wealth.

So let’s take a closer look at what this looks like… [click to continue…]

Why Accountancy Firms STOP Growing

The advice to all our Accountants Growth Programme members is simple… you can build your own perfect practice, even in today’s new economy – but you must change the way you do things.

Unfortunately, being ‘traditional’ won’t get you there. It requires something new and different to get clients streaming through your door.

Your accountancy practice has to be completely geared around the needs of clients – not the other way around. It has to be seen to stand out from an over-crowded, ‘me too’ market place.

This White Paper gives you a taste of a new and innovative approach, one which will help you to achieve the “perfect practice” you originally set out to create. It has to significantly and consistently over-deliver. [click to continue…]