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How To Grow Your Accountancy Firm…

In the last whitepaper “Why Accountancy Firms STOP Growing” we learnt that the three key components of any firm are…

1. Process: What the firm does to earn fees.

2. Marketing: How the firm wins and retains the right clients and maximises fee income from existing clients.

3. Management: How the firm operates to generate maximum profit and wealth.

So let’s take a closer look at what this looks like… [click to continue…]

Why Accountancy Firms STOP Growing

The advice to all our Accountants Growth Programme members is simple… you can build your own perfect practice, even in today’s new economy – but you must change the way you do things.

Unfortunately, being ‘traditional’ won’t get you there. It requires something new and different to get clients streaming through your door.

Your accountancy practice has to be completely geared around the needs of clients – not the other way around. It has to be seen to stand out from an over-crowded, ‘me too’ market place.

This White Paper gives you a taste of a new and innovative approach, one which will help you to achieve the “perfect practice” you originally set out to create. It has to significantly and consistently over-deliver. [click to continue…]