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Generating More Enquiries From Your Marketing…

This White Paper explains how you can use general marketing approaches to get an avalanche of enquiries from potential clients.

As you can see, ‘General Marketing’ is the second Practice Multiplier…

“But Marketing Doesn’t Work”

In White Paper No. 2 I pointed out that only 7% of new clients come from non referral sources (General marketing), which means there is much more business to be gained by proactively targeting the right businesses using proven non referral techniques.

If you could generate the same amount (or more) of clients using general marketing techniques as you do with referral techniques – this would have a huge impact on your practice.

So why is it that accountants shy away from using general marketing methods? We’ve discovered a few reasons…

  1. Most accountants have tried a number of non referral techniques but because they got poor results they conclude they don’t work.
  2. In most cases it’s not that the strategy doesn’t work – it’s because the techniques used were poor – resulting in less than acceptable results (we see this a lot in most other industries too).
  3. Other methods such as telemarketing, seminars, articles (which are used with varying degrees of success by many firms) would be significantly more successful with the right methodology.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Reasons ‘2’ and ‘3’ above are caused by people NOT using the ‘5 M’s Of Marketing Your Accountancy Firm’. White Paper’s 7-11 explain these in more detail.

But with the right execution and using the right approach you can get excellent results from all the following marketing strategies…

  • Direct mail (letters, postcards, etc.) – Still by far THE best method for generating enquiries for accountants!
  • Press Releases
  • Special Reports
  • Newspaper / Magazine Ads
  • Classified Ads
  • Yellow Pages Ads (yes, with the right ad, Yellow Pages advertising is still very successful for accountancy firms)
  • Networking (with innovative thought provoking scripts/presentations)
  • Business Cards (not like conventional business cards)
  • Website
  • Google Adwords

There are of course other strategies you can use, but the ones listed above will give you a great return for the your time, effort and cost. Believe me we’ve tested these and many others to find the most potent strategies.

The key as I mentioned above, is to ensure you apply ALL ‘5 M’s of Marketing For Accountants’. It’s these 5 elements that add power to your ‘media pieces’ (the actual marketing piece that you use in each media – i.e. your actual advert, your website, your letter, etc.).

The 5 M’s are in essence what makes marketing work. Without them results are unsatisfactory, but with them – your success is virtually guaranteed!


Yes you can get excellent results from general marketing strategies. But getting results isn’t easy (as you’ve probably already discovered). Quite frankly I’ve had more failures than successes (many more), but you only find out what works when you conduct test, after test, after test. And that’s what we’ve done.

We know what it takes to get results from direct mail. We know what ad you need to use in the Yellow Pages to get the phone ringing. We know how your website should be created to generate enquiries. But it has taken years and with respect, I know what I’m doing! It just goes to show that marketing isn’t that simple!

If you’d like to find out how you could gain access to all of the strategies I’ve mentioned above in via a proven system then click on the banner under this post…

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