Here’s What You Get In The
‘Accountants Growth Programme’ Including Our ‘Peace Of Mind 100% Money Back Guarantee’

The five key components of the Accountants Growth Programme. They’re all ‘ready-to-go’ making it so easy for you to get more clients!

The Accountants Growth Programme is an exclusive ‘club’ of 100 of the UK’s most ambitious firms (just 24 slots are left!). It has 5 key practice growth elements. Let’s take a closer look at each one…

1. The Differentiator – The Business Growth System:

At last! Giving the Business Growth System to your clients for FREE sets you apart from every other firm in your local area. Now potential clients have a reason to choose you over and above all your competitors, and existing clients have a compelling reason to stay! (This is the main reason why we only allow one firm in any one area to join the programme.)

2. ‘DONE FOR ME’ Marketing – Better Results:

Access to over 30 proven and ‘ready-to-go’ marketing strategies that ensure you generate the best results for every penny you spend. This includes your own personalised video, 12 proven ‘Client Attraction Mailing Pieces’, networking scripts, press releases, free reports, print ads, Facebook Fan Pages, and your own published book (which we ghost write for you)!

3. More Referrals – On Autopilot:

Our 3 stage system ensures you create your own ‘referral mushroom’. Generate many more referrals from clients and 3rd party referral sources (banks, solicitors, IFA’s, etc.) with our ‘ready-to-go’ referral machine!

4. BGI – Massive Local Exposure:

The Business Growth Initiative gives you access to dozens – even hundreds of local businesses who will see you as THE only logical choice when choosing a new accountant. Once again everything is ‘ready-to-go’, you just plug the firm into it and let us take care of the rest.

5. Converting More Enquiries Into Clients: Our revolutionary and easy-to-apply 7-stage ‘Sales Conversion System’ will ensure you convert more enquiries into clients at the right fee! And yes, once again it’s all ‘ready-to-go’.

Plus, as a member you also get these two additional elements, each designed to help you build the perfect practice…

(1) The Practice Transformation Indicator Modules. Each one is laid out in simple step-by-step detail complete with all the relevant documents so you can immediately improve on all these key areas of your firm…

Now is the time to STOP gambling with your firm. Get the results your skills, expertise and hard work deserve!

  • Lock-up
  • Recoverability
  • ‘C’ and ‘D’ Clients
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Partner Profit
  • Non Productive Partner Time

(2) Our Full Support Programme, which includes…

  • The ‘Launch Meeting’ with Steve (Hackney)

    Everything is laid out in step by step detail so even a junior member of staff can implement the programme!

  • Full access to our ‘Member Support Team’
  • Half yearly reviews of your membership (at your offices) with either Steve or Richard
  • 2 further FREE ‘Regional Member Meetings’  each year
  • Ongoing new product development (in the last 6 months alone we have added 5 new products to the programme – all for free)
  • Monthly Practice Transformation Newsletter (mailed to you, all other partners and managers)
  • Heavily discounted annual conference

And last, but by no means least, one of the main reasons for the success of the programme is the fact that results are achieved with very little time, effort and cost on your part because everything is done for you and ready-to-go.

To our knowledge there’s nothing that remotely compares to the value provided by the Accountants Growth Programme for accountants looking to grow their practices.

Quite frankly this is the most complete, comprehensive and unique practice growth system available anywhere.

Don’t Miss Out – Act Now…

Following several months of steady improvement, last month was our best ever with 20 new clients. The AGP has certainly made a significant difference to the growth of our business
Andy Page, PH Accountancy (Kent)

There are only 24 places left in the whole of the UK. Plus, only one firm in any one area can join the programme.

1. The Differentiator – The Business Growth System

2. ‘DONE FOR ME’ Marketing – Better Results

3. More Referrals – On Autopilot

4. BGI – Large Local Exposure

5. Converting More Enquiries Into Clients

And full access to our Practice Transformation Modules and comprehensive support programme

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

And all this comes with our straightforward, no quibble 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If having met with Steve at your offices for the ‘Launch Meeting’ you decide the programme isn’t for you, we’ll return 100% of your membership fees – no quibble and no questions asked.

Join now with complete peace of mind – before one of your local competitors beats you to it!

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