Here’s A Summary Of What’s Built-In To The ‘Accountants Growth Program’, Including Our ‘Peace Of Mind 100% Money Back Guarantee’

The Accountants Growth Programme is an exclusive club of the world’s most ambitious firms. Here’s what’s included…

The 7 Golden Keys…
GOLDEN KEY 1: DONE-FOR-YOU Differentiator:
Giving every member a unique differentiator has been core to the success of the program. Enabling you to give FREE access for all your clients to the ‘Business Growth System’ really sets you apart from EVERY other accounting and CPA firm in your area.

In this day and age, your website has to be your central marketing hub with one absolute goal – and that is to convert visitors into good quality enquiries, ready for you to convert into clients.

But let’s face it, 99% of accountants’ and CPA websites don’t work

That’s why we build and create your very own ‘Website That Sells’ personalised with your own branding. It includes the stunning video and many other advanced features that combine to create a really powerful enquiry generation machine.

Our amazing system is arguably the best referral system in existence for accountants and CPAs anywhere in the world – and it will transform your current sporadic referrals from a reactive lottery into a professional referral machine.

It costs absolutely nothing other than a stamp to implement and once in place is there forever, creating a never-ending source of high calibre clients for you.

Now that you’ve got a world-class website generating a constant stream of enquiries, you have the perfect platform to benefit from the two juggernauts of internet marketing – these being, Google AdWords and Remarketing.

As you would expect, and as with everything else in the program, our Google AdWords and Remarketing systems work like a charm because we are continually doing an enormous amount of…



…and ongoing development.

Join the Accountants Growth Programme and we will do it all for you – we set up your account, we create the proven ads, and we continually monitor your campaigns.

And all you have to do is tell us your monthly budget, because even though you don’t have to do a thing to reap the benefits, you will always be in complete control of the costs.

We learned a long time ago that one of the best ways to get new clients and keep existing ones happy, is by offering a monthly newsletter.

Just like The Website That Sells, the newsletter is crafted by our design team to match your corporate colours and logo.  ‘The Business Builder Newsletter’ is a REALLY powerful strategy that will help you quickly grow your firm… month in… month out.

We know from our other members, the very fact that all your clients get FREE access to one of the world’s most successful sales and marketing systems, makes heads turn.

As a member, you get our proven scripts, carefully written to be attention-grabbing and thought-provoking. And, using a classic tactic of memorable networking, each script comes with easy to use, low cost ‘props’… so you can’t help but end up firmly lodged in the memory of your fellow networkers.

This combination of the scripts, the differentiator and the props makes you unforgettable for the RIGHT reasons… and all of a sudden networking has become a power-charged strategy for your firm.


Now is the time to STOP gambling with your firm. The Accountants Growth Programme will at last bring you the results your skills, expertise and hard work deserve!

Now is the time to STOP gambling with your firm. The Accountants Growth Programme will at last bring you the results your skills, expertise and hard work deserve!

You want the right type of client…

Paying the right fee…

And you want lots of them.

Clearly, to achieve this you need a powerful system that effortlessly guides each enquiry through to becoming a client.

And that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do when you become a member of the Accountants Growth Programme and harness the results-getting approach of our Sales Conversion System.

Better still, it costs you ZERO to apply and it works INSTANTLY.

Powerful & Proven Additional Strategies…

From Month 4 onwards you also get access to 25 additional proven strategies that will further accelerate the growth of your firm. For example…


LinkedIn Ads

Facebook Ads

Yellow Pages Ads (yes with the right ad this still works!)

Classified Ads

Newspaper, Magazine & Neighbourhood Advertising

3rd Party Referral System


Creating Your Media List

Launch Press Release

27 Mistakes Special Report Press Release

Monthly Press Releases (one for each month of the year)


E-mail Campaign (12 individual campaigns)

Everything is laid out in step by step detail, complete with the ‘6 Month Implementation Plan’.  Even a junior member of staff can implement the programme, leaving you to concentrate on your best clients as well as meeting many more prospective clients!

Everything is laid out in step by step detail, complete with the ‘12 month Push Button Implementation Plan’. Even a junior member of staff can implement the program, leaving you to concentrate on your best clients as well as meeting many more prospective clients!

Special Occasion Emails (one for each month of the year)

Reactivate Past Prospects

Reactivate Past Clients (those you want back!)


Maximising Client Value: Includes…

– Moments Of Truth

– Annual Review Meeting

– Birthday Cards

– Selling More Core Services


Lock-Up (reducing money tied up in debtors and work in progress)

A-D Client Segmentation (the easy way to maximise fee income)


Improving Recoverability To 100% (or more)

Measuring & Improving Client Satisfaction


Reducing Non-Productive Partner Time

Increasing Partner Profit

World Class Support Program…

Plus, as a member you also get our WORLD CLASS SUPPORT PROGRAM, which includes…

  • Full access to our ‘Member Support Team’

    Supporting our members and helping them grow their firms are our primary business goals!

    Supporting our members and helping them grow their firms are our primary business goals!

  • Ongoing new product development (in the last 6 months alone we have added 6 new products to the program – all for free)
  • Monthly Practice Transformation Newsletter (mailed to you, all other partners and managers)
  • Heavily discounted Member Day Conference

Everything Is Either

And last, but by no means least, as you’ve already seen, one of the main reasons for the success of the program is the fact that results are achieved with very little time, effort and cost on your part because everything is either done for you (by us) or ready-to-go (you just have to implement).

To our knowledge there’s nothing that remotely compares to the value provided by the Accountants Growth Programme for accountants and CPAs looking to grow their firms.

Quite frankly this is the most complete, comprehensive and unique practice growth system available anywhere.


Joining today gives you the following savings and bonus products worth $7,800.00 a year

Get The Website That Sells complete with your own
personalised website video. Built and created by our team.
         SAVES YOU $350.00 A MONTH.

 Get The reduced membership fee.

That’s a combined total saving of $7,800.00 a year – every year – which you get by acting now.


In addition to the special offer, you need to know we already turn people away who are on the ‘EXCLUSION LISTS’ of existing members! So if you’re ambitious and you want to grow your firm – now is the time to act.

Look at it this way…

You only need to acquire 2 or 3 decent clients each year and your membership investment is covered. But your results will be far better than this. In fact, take a look at what a few members have said…

Doubled My Turnover And Trebled My Profits”

AndyP“If you just do one thing, make sure you become a member! This system has worked wonders for us. Three years on and we still have record breaking months. Our best month so far is 23 new clients. Over the last 11 months we have generated 153 new clients. More importantly, during this time I have doubled my turnover and trebled my profits.”

Andy Page, PH Accountancy (UK)

In Just Over Two Months We Have Acquired New Billings Of $30,000 In Annual Revenue”

ChristineT“Since we started, just over two months ago, I just figured out today, we have added new billings just shy of $30,000 in annual revenue. I am VERY pleased. AND, we still have a lot to do.

“I’d also like to tell you about my first prospect meeting which seems a long time ago now, but is insightful (thank you so much for the tailored presentation template). The prospect hesitated at the price. Now, in the past I would have let him walk out, but I practiced the responses you gave in the presentation material and he went for it. I quoted $1,200 per month, we negotiated to $985 for the first 6 months, then review, and bump up to the $1,200.”

Christine Trumbull, CPA, CTC, CL Trumbull & Company, LLC (USA)

163 New Clients In 6 Months”

MarkT“In the last 6 months we have acquired 163 new clients. In one month alone we signed up 40. In fact one of our competitors recently said we were ‘client magnets’ which is exactly what we wanted to achieve when we joined the Accountants Growth Programme.”

Mark Torr, Torr Waterfeld (UK)

Support Could Not Be Better”

LeslieC“I have only been a member for just over a month, but so far so good, the material is excellent and the support could not be better.”

Leslie Clarke CA(Aus), CA(SA), North City Accounting (AUSTRALIA)

In The First 5 Months We Have Acquired £51,000 Of Recurring Fee Income”

MarkF“We have continued with the marketing (and added new signs/client parking space + much more) and in the first 5 months to 31/05 have now taken on £51K of recurring new work, plus a lot more other work.”

Mark Friend, Friend & Grant (UK)

I Believe I Have Finally Found The 3rd Leg That We Have Been Missing”

TonyF“You have a great, well thought out program. We are a very progressive accounting firm (unlike most accounting firms), with many ideas and fabulous profitable production systems in place that have been developed over many years.

I like to think of the business as a three-legged stool (marketing, production, administration)… all 3 legs must be working, systematized, and strong for the business to be profitable, prosper, and thrive.  If one of the legs is shorter or not functioning, the stool will eventually tip over.  I believe I have finally found the 3rd leg that we have been missing!”

Tony Fiore, CPA, Accounting Freedom, Ltd. (USA)


So that’s it. To join the Accountants Growth Programme simply click on the link below…

I understand I’ll receive instant access to The Accountants Growth Programme, including the 7 Golden Keys, the 25 additional proven strategies and your world-class Support Team.

Plus, by acting now I am taking full advantage of the Special Offer saving me $7,800.00 a year.

Membership is just US$397 per month.

And all this comes with your straightforward, no quibble 30 day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If after joining the program, I decide to cancel during the first 30 days, for whatever reason (or no reason at all) you will return 100% of my membership fees – no quibble and no questions asked.

Furthermore, after the first 30 days, you don’t tie me in to any long-term contract or agreement. Although I won’t want to, I can cancel my membership at any time.

Join now with complete peace of mind – before one of your local competitors beats you to it! Simply click on the ADD To CART button below and you’ll be taken to the enrolment page…