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What’s Your Reception Got To Do With Marketing!?

Did you know you can spot a firm of accountants that ‘get’ it’ just by walking through their front door?

We visit over 50 firms every month. Very few pay attention to their reception area and what should be in it and what should be ‘out’.

Think about it from a potential client’s perspective…

Although there are a number of other ‘Moments Of Truth’
before they visit you for that first meeting, when they
walk through your front door, they will consciously and
sub-consciously be making judgments about you and your
firm even before they meet with you. These judgments
play a part in their decision-making process.

Do you really think they want to read the latest issue
of ‘Accountancy’ or flick through your latest budget
summary? In actual fact you shouldn’t be thinking at
all about what ‘they’ want to see or read.

You have to take a different view.

You have to ask yourself – what can I put in my
reception area that is going to help me get the sale?
That’s it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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